The Passing of a Love One

The passing of a loved one is rarely ever expected and funeral costs today are not cheap. is an innovative way for a family to pay for a loved one's funeral with the help from family and friends. This can also be carried out in a discreet and efficient manner. While the family is going through the grieving process, finding the funds to pay for funeral services is not the first thing on the family's mind. enables a family member to notify other family members and friends of the loved one's passing through an online account connected to a PayPal account. Family members and friends are now able to contribute as much as they can through the dedicated online account in the privacy of their home or office. The burden of asking for donations is no longer placed on the shoulders of a family member. Also, if a family member is not able to donate as much as they would like too, enables them to donate as much as they can, it can be as little as $5.00. The dedicated Funeral Fund account remains active for fourteen days once activated.

The funeral fund online donation site also enables friends and family to connect to other social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Family and friends of the deceased can choose to assist with the funeral services or assist with the memorial services. Many memorial services are held apart from the funeral and memorial, donations can be set up as a separate dedicated account. If a funeral is concluded within a short period of time, family, who may be distant and social friends who still would like to pay their respects, will still be able to contribute to a special memorial fund or service. accounts are secured and private and are designed to ease some of the burden of planning the funeral for a loved one. It is an easy to use online donation site and can be used by churches, funeral homes, social organizations as well as individuals. It is also a useful tool to inform others of the passing of a loved one in a tasteful way. In this manner, the costs of sending a loved one off will never be an additional burden.