Supporting a Grieving Family through Crowd Funding

One of the best ways to ease a families suffering is by setting up a funeral fund for them. A funeral fund allows for the family and friends of the deceased to pool together their money so that it can be used to cover the funeral services. A donation to a funeral fund also means that a person can give money even if they don’t have cash on hand. Any donation $5.00 or more can be made with a debit or credit card. This allows people that do not have a lot to give share in the financial burden. These donations can add up to a large amount of money, which can greatly help out a family. A simple funeral service can cost in the thousands of dollars.

The money can also be used to cover some of the deceased’s expenses; medical bills, transportation, headstone, and to give a little bit of money to the family in order to ease their financial burden during a time of great need.

Donating to a memorial fund can simply feel good. This is because when a loved one passes there is oftentimes very little that a person can do. The persons donating may want to ease the suffering of the family, but do not know what can be done. Our loved ones may be living far away. Many people that loved the deceased and would like to come to the funeral service will not be able to attend. A funeral fund gives friends and family members a means to feel they had at least done something to support the family.

Many people want to help but don’t know how. One of the best ways to start a memorial fund is to setup an account at This site allows you to easily create a profile for the deceased. The profile contains a copy of the person’s obituary, a place to list the deceased family, organizations they were members of, hobbies,accomplishments, a picture of the deceased and special photos. This is a lasting memorial that will always be there to comfort the family. It also shows how many people have looked at the profile, which in itself can give comfort to the family. We all want to know our loved ones had a special place in the hearts of others.It shows the amount needed and the progress in reaching their goal.The fund allows the family members and friends to donate money to the deceased’s fund on an anonymous basis or by adding their name to the gift.

One of the biggest advantages of using this system to fund a memorial service is allowing individuals to donate on an anonymous basis. Many people want to give forward but do not want anyone to know. This helps persons to know that their donation helped to make the family more comfortable, and lets them do so without having to directly give them money or receive acknowledgement

The process of giving money to the campaign is exceptionally easy. is able to take donations through PayPal or WePay. This means that there is almost no risk of identity theft.

It is possible to search for someone by name. It is also able to search persons based upon their home state or city, and it is even possible to go through listings based upon age group and gender. This means that persons without strong computer skills can still make a donation to support a loved one. The site allows persons to post comments about the person, which can go a very long way in supporting the family.

Each campaign on this site is active for fourteen days. This helps the deceased family and friends come together quickly to raise the funds needed to plan the memorial service their loved one deserves. has been used by a large number of persons to ask for donations during a time of extreme need. There are individuals that browse through this site on a regular basis, and then make donations to profiles that touch their hearts. These people will make donations even if they do not know the persons. It is a way to give forward, and it is encouraged that persons who want to make a donation to a good cause do so through this method.