Should I Plan a Memorial or a Funeral?

Celebrating the life of an individual can be by holding a memorial service or having a funeral. This is a choice that needs to be made by a surviving spouse or family member of the deceased. One thing about a choice of a funeral or memorial service is planning ahead. This may include starting a funeral fund or having a life insurance policy in place.

There is one main difference between a memorial service and a funeral. The body of the deceased is on display for a funeral. A body is not normally present for a memorial service. This is the reason a variety of funeral homes will offer both funeral services and memorial services. There is also the need to see if scheduling and any after-death care is needed as this may affect decision-making. Many times, having a memorial service is a good option when many people in a community want to pay their condolences and respect. A memorial is also a good option to collect memorial donations for a specific charity or other cause.

Traditional funeral services are typically conducted at funeral homes or places of worship. However, a life celebration or memorial services can be held in many locations. This includes the home of a family member, a hotel, a park, a beach, or any other public location. A memorial service is a good decision if the deceased is well known to a community or a small family funeral is preferred. One aspect with any memorial or funeral is the expense of the venue. A church will require a fee for the minister and use of the facility. If expenses are a concern, then donations are a great way to obtain necessary funds.

Another aspect about a funeral or memorial service is the cost of any accessories. This includes a set of flowers and plants or a supply of music. One aspect that is not often thought about when considering a memorial service is having a banquet. A banquet can include brunch, an afternoon lunch, dinner, or a supply of snacks for guests.

Planning is often difficult after the passing of a loved one. Many decisions will need to be made on the need or preference of an individual. Many people prefer to not have a funeral and may want to see that family and friends plan a basic memorial service. This is often common for anyone who is cremated.

The Internet is a great way to seek donations for a funeral or memorial. This is an option that can help lower overall costs when a surviving spouse or family cannot afford standard funeral services.

Visit for more information about starting a funeral fund or for memorial donations. It only takes a few minutes to set up a funeral fund campaign.