Memorial Donations Through is a straightforward website to assist individuals in successfully collecting funds to cover a variety of expenses that a loved one may leave behind. Setting up a donation campaign page can take a huge burden off of the family during a time of grief.  Many families are just making it through financially when an unexpected death occurs and there is no insurance policy or savings to draw from.  This site allows the user to reach out to the extended family, friends and individuals that care.

It can be expensive when a person dies. There are memorial expenses, funeral arrangements to be made, transportation cost and medical bills that may have piled up while the person was alive. Other expenses often not thought of are funds for the families living expenses, a college fund for the children or moving expenses.

Setting up a donation page is easy but there are videos that show step by step instructions if needed. An organizer can be a family member, friend or colleague.  Each organizer must have a verified WePay or PayPal account, which can be done through this website, to receive donations. Memorial donations are directly deposited into the account and then transferred to the organizers personal bank account.

It is important to upload a photo of the deceased or relevant picture and a brief description of the loved one.  Being clear as to how much money is needed and what it will be used for gives donors a reason to donate and a feeling that they know how they helped.

Money is needed quickly when funeral arrangements need to be made, that is why a crowdfunding for funeral expenses campaign lasts for 14 days. This encourages people to not put off donating. If needed the campaign can be extended for another 14 days. is a secure site and there to help grieving families through a difficult time.