Losing Someone is Hard Enough

Tragedies are unexpected events that turn people’s lives upside-down. Because of this, often people are left to bear the brunt of any and all expenses that occur at times like these. Unfortunately, the precautionary devices like insurance are very expensive, and this leaves people that are already in bereavement to also have to solicit help monetarily to get through these rough times. Soliciting memorial donations is hardest for the closest of the deceased, so often friends and family take up the cause of taking in memorial donations to assist the loved ones of the person whose life has been tragically cut short. There are many ways that a funeral fund can be managed efficiently, but due to the circumstances involved, this is not always the best way.

The haphazard means by which these donations are received and solicited make the process one in which there are no goals or accountability. Because of this, these efforts are often done in vain and provide no real benefit to the families that are in need. These issues even cause people to retract from giving because of past experiences with the process or lack thereof. However, there are other ways that the digital revolution has given the world that can make the process easier. One way is to solicit online donations, but the lack of structure negatively affects this method as a vehicle for soliciting donations for a funeral fund. Other methods for collecting online donations are crowdfunding for funeral expenses.

Crowdfunding for funeral expenses through the common crowdfunding vehicles has real restrictions. These sites allow the people seeking donations to ask people to fund their projects collectively. The drawback is that many people come to these sites to fund lighthearted projects and ventures, and these people often avoid very serious things like collecting donations for funerals. The sites themselves have drawbacks also like only being able to receive the funding if a preset goal is reached. Time limits and other restrictions render this a good solution in theory only. The actual solution to this very real dilemma is a crowdfunding site that is specifically designed to make the process easier.

Funeralfund.com is a crowdfunding site that took the task of making this process easier for family and friends to heart. Money can be raised for any death related expenses without restriction. The bereaved family, friends or even strangers can set up a campaign with the ability to upload a photo and a small description detailing the specifics of the need. The site is compatible with all of the major social media sites so that these sites can be used to drive donating traffic to the campaign. The campaign can be connected to PayPal or WePay. This means that there is instant access to the donations. Additionally, the campaign can be in place for up to two weeks, but can be extended for an additional two weeks if necessary. Funeralfund.com has taken an unwieldy, ineffective process and made it efficient, effective and dignified.