Learn How to Use Crowdfunding to Cover Funeral Expenses

There is nothing worse than losing someone that is close to you. You find yourself in a situation where you can scarcely put one foot in front of the other in order to get through the day, not to mention thinking about financial concerns that you must deal with both now and well into the future. Unfortunately, it is something that must be addressed because failing to deal with these financial issues can put you and your loved ones in even greater peril. That is something that you simply do not need when you are already grieving over the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, you can use funeralfund.com to help you raise money for any type of funeral related expenses or other family needs after a loved one has passed away.

Crowdfunding for Funeral Expenses

Many people choose to make memorial donations when a person has passed away. In fact, a number of people do this through an established funeral fund that has been set up for the family in question, usually through online donations. In recent years, crowdfunding for funeral expenses has become fairly commonplace because it is an effective way to help people raise money through these online donations. A funeral fund can then be created to help with burial expenses or any other types of expenses that a family might be forced to deal with after a loved one has passed. Through these memorial donations, money can be raised for living expenses, college tuition or to pay for the funeral itself. It is the family's choice so that they can use the money in whatever way is most helpful to them.

Setting Up a Campaign

Setting up a campaign is actually very simple. All that a person has to do is go to www.funeralfund.com and set up a campaign. That campaign can then be linked to PayPal or WePay. Both are electronic payment sites that allow for direct deposit of funds. The funds can then be transferred to the family's bank account or to an individual's bank account that has been affected by the death of a loved one. When setting up a campaign, it is imperative that a description of the family’s financial need be given. The more detailed and compelling this description is, the more effective it can be.

It is also necessary to include a picture of the deceased individual if at all possible. Once the campaign has been set up, it is a good idea to use social media, e-mail, flyers and even the news media to get the word out about the campaign so that the greatest number of individuals can help if they choose to do so. Typically, a campaign will go for 14 days but there is an option to extend it another 14 days if needed.


Many people are simply unable to think about financial needs when they are trying to comprehend what life will be like without someone they love. This is one way that other individuals can help families or individuals that have been deeply impacted by another person's passing. It helps them fulfill their financial obligations during a time when they might not otherwise be able to do so. It also helps to ensure that the family will be okay from a financial standpoint, allowing them to focus on their mental and emotional health.