How to Write an Obituary

The main consideration with funeral homes and funeral services is with the family of the deceased. When planning funeral services and memorial services, their wishes are to be strictly respected. The same is true for funeral services and memorial services when they plan the obituary. The obituary will be the last reflection of a precious life. They have to reflect the deceased adequately. The only people that can adequately provide the pertinent information will be the immediate family. It will be their decision when the document adequately reflects the life of their loved one. They will decide what information from outside sources like friends, jobs and education will need to be included.

The obituary needs to reflect highlights from the different phases of life. The early life will be important to the people who were involved in the deceased’s early life. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins will find that this section of time is the impression that they reflect on often during their bereavement. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to this portion of the obituary. In these times, families will reflect on life events, and the writer should be cognizant of which stories are significant enough to include. The teenage years could have been awkward for so many teenagers, therefore there are not many stories from this section of life, but this is when lifelong friends are made and reference to those relationships should be included. Sports leagues and activities that defined their childhoods should also have some reference in the obituary.

Funeral homes will have examples of effective ways to achieve this part. The later years of high school will have a lot of significance. There are many goals, graduations, relationships and milestones achieved during this time of life. When someone is lost during this time in their lives, there will be copious input from peers and friends. Often, families make these relationships the focus of funeral and memorial services. Funeral homes will often direct kids in how to best contribute to the services. People who pass at later stages in life will be primarily focused on their primary families, and every relationship should be noted.

Remember, these are documents for the living and the information should be what is pertinent to them. This includes important pictures, scriptures, poems and references. Often, people want to contribute and don’t really know how. There are several funeral funds for memorial donations. These memorial donations are important. This means a reputable funeral fund website should be used. is the most credible and established site for memorial donations. People who are interested in contributing or setting up a memorial donation fund should go to the site and follow the easy instructions.