How Can Help You And Your Family?

So, your loved one has passed away unexpectedly and you are dealing with the grief of their absence. But, on top of that, you have a shortage of funds and can’t give them the perfect goodbye that they deserve. How can you approach family and friends for money? This sad time can be made easier for you with the help of Funeral Fund. The funding helps to organize online donations, memorial donations and also helps in crowdfunding for funeral expenses. This funding can help to get you through this troubled time.

• Get Online Donation For Your Loved One – When you are short on funds and are dealing with the reality of a loved one’s absence, you need all the resources you can find. The funding can make this easier for you because this avenue can help collect online donations. The process is simple and fuss free, and has already helped out a lot of people.

• Raise Money For Any Death Related Expense – The funding doesn’t just help with memorial donations, medical bills, transportation and funeral of your loved one. Any death related expenses such as money for the loved one’s family that is left behind or college fund for the children of the loved one can also be raised. Thus, all expenses that your loved one would have liked to provide for their own family would be taken care of.

• Free Campaign – Setting up a campaign is absolutely free. All you need to do is start a funeral funding campaign for your deceased loved one. Set up a PayPal or a WePay account and link the same to your bank account. The donations received would be directly sent to your account without any hassles. The only charges are the ones by PayPal/WePay and some minor administration fee @5%.

• Upload A Picture and Write A Description – When you start your campaign, you need to upload a picture of your loved one. Make sure you write a description and detail various expenses that their donations are providing for. The description could also include something about your loved one. Tell your friends about the great life your beloved lived. That is all you need to do to set up the campaign.

• Spreading the Word – Finally, you need to spread the word to your friends and family about this campaign of crowdfunding for funeral expenses. You can share it through social media like Facebook, Twitter and other outlets. There are more than 300 outlet links on the site through which you can share the message. You will be surprised at how all your friends and family come together to support you in this difficult time.

• 14 Days of Campaign + 14 Days Extension – The campaign would last for 14 days and all that time, you can continue sharing and spreading the word. After the initial 14 days of your campaign end, you can check if your donation target has been met. If you are still short, you can choose to extend the campaign for another 2 weeks.

Funeral Fund has raised thousands of dollars for a lot of people in need. Help us in helping you.