Helps When Tragedy Strikes

Perhaps the three most expensive events of a person's life are their birth, their wedding and their funeral. When a child is born, parents most often have several months to plan for the expenses related to the arrival of their child - made easier by the attendant joy generally found in the occasion, and the same is true of weddings. Young brides and grooms often save for years to pay for weddings, in addition to all the assistance provided by friends and family members.

But when tragedy hits, it can often leave people unprepared and unable to make plans due to grief that can sometimes be crippling. These days, even the most basic funeral costs can run as high as several thousand dollars. When an unexpected death happens, it often leaves family members unprepared to shoulder such a prohibitive expense, particularly when the family member dies unexpectedly or while still very young.

This is where steps in. is a funeral related online donation site that provides a means of receiving online donations and memorial donations to create a funeral fund to help ease the burden on grieving friends and family members. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is just one more of the recent services cropping up that allows friends, family members and other interested parties to participate in community to provide financially for the most important needs of their friends and loved ones. also provides crowdfunding services for additional death related expenses such as funerals, memorial donations and even transportation costs for either the deceased themselves to be laid to rest in their home state or country or to bring close friends, family members or other relatives to the funeral or memorial that might not be able to make it otherwise. can even be used to pay extensive and exorbitant medical bills that remaining family members are sometimes left having to pay or can be used to care for family members left behind. can be used to raise monies to provide for the establishment of college funds or to pay for other tuition or schooling expenses for the children of the deceased, as well as providing for the surviving spouse.

Organizers are able to set up a crowdfunding for funeral expenses campaign by uploading a photo of the deceased and posting a brief description of what the money will be used for. They can then use specially generated links to spread the word though social media to friends, family and other concerned parties. Interested parties can make online donations into the funeral fund via either WePay or PayPal, which can then be withdrawn and deposited directly into the organizer's account.

The default time frame for each campaign is 14 days, but an additional time frame of 14 days can be added if necessary. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses also provides a compassionate means for extended family members who may be unable to attend memorial services to contribute in some way and support the family in a much more meaningful way than just simply sending flowers.