If someone you know and love has just died you may wonder how you are going to pay for the funeral. Funeral costs have been on the rise and you probably want to give your loved one the best funeral possible. is the leading source of crowd funding for a funeral ceremonies.

Some events in life are just too expensive for many people to afford. In the old days many people would "pass the hat" when a major life event occurred. That was the only way to cover the costs of funerals, weddings, or medical procedures in many poor communities. Today through the use of the Internet you can "pass the hat" for your funeral through the entire country by using Funeral Fund to receive online donations.

The money raised through funeral fund can be used for a variety of costs. Perhaps your loved one died after a long fight with cancer and you need some aid covering the final medical costs. Or maybe your loved one really loved their University and your family would like to establish a scholarship fund in their honor. Or you can use the money to establish a scholarship fund for relatives of your loved one. is not just for the cost of funeral homes or funeral service but can be used for a wide array of purposes.

Memorial services are expensive and your loved one deserves the best service possible. Perhaps you feel that the best your family can afford is a really simple ceremony but you would like to have flowers at the memorial services. This site is an amazing way to look to get donations from people across the globe for your loved ones funeral. The online donations you receive through this site can be used to help cover these costs that may not be necessary but definitely add to the significance of the event. Funeral services are not cheap and it can be difficult to afford the extras that people would like to have as part of their memorial service without help.

All crowd-funding sites have a limited amount of time through which you can campaign. When you establish a fund with funeral fund the campaign is active for fourteen days. Your fund is allowed to establish a goal that it is looking to meet but unlike other crowd-funding sites you are not required to meet the goal in order to get the money for your funeral home and other costs. Your goal can be as high or as low as you want it and if you surpass the goal you still get all the money to help with the costs of your funeral. Creating the fund is absolutely free with the only fees being paid are the administrative fees and the fees assessed by the payment methods. The fourteen-day window is the only limitation placed on the campaigns on

The site accepts payments in the form of PayPal and WePay. These payment sites are easy to establish an account with and are simple and easy to use. If family members or interested parties do not want to start an account with either of these two companies PayPal offers a pay as guest option which allows the user to pay using their credit or debit card. The flexibility of payment methods makes it easy for anyone to help you cover the funeral homes costs via this site.

Getting donations to the campaign will require some effort. People will not donate to your campaign if they are not aware that it exists. It is recommended that you post your campaign on social media and encourage all your friends and family to do so as well. This will increase the awareness of the funeral and of the money raising campaign among your social network friends. Social media is an excellent tool for raising money for your funeral services.

If you are looking for a way to give your loved one the best funeral possible, then you must check out This site is one of the leaders in the crowd-funding for funeral services and is a great tool for those that cannot afford to give their loved one the funeral they feel they deserve.