Funeral Costs and What You Can Expect to Pay

Did you know that depending on the type of funeral services you wish to pursue, you can end up spending anywhere from $5,000 - $11,000 or more? For most families, this is the largest type of expense they can expect to pay in their lifetime with the exception of the purchase of a car and or home. Here are some of the costs associated with funeral services and a breakdown of what to expect. There are a variety of options available to you, a memorial, funeral or cremation.

Memorial Services

If you're on a limited budget, utilizing memorial services may be an ideal solution. This entails a service that occurs after a burial or cremation has been executed and is more cost effective than a full funeral due to the fact that the fees associated with do not include covering the process of seeing and preparing the body. In some circumstances, you may be able to perform a memorial service from the funds accumulated from memorial donations.


Out of the 3 options available to you when planning a funeral, cremation is the 2nd most expensive option, which approximately 36% of Americans utilize. The process usually costs approximately $5000 on average and can be 20% cheaper than a full funeral service. Some of the costs associated with cremation services include:

  • Transportation of the Deceased.
  • Funeral Sermon
  • Transportation and delivery of the ashes.
  • The Required death certificate and permits.
  • Urn that the ashes will be placed in.

Full Funeral

Once the cash advance items have been bought from the funeral home, the fees associated with carrying out a full funeral service can increase dramatically based on the level of customization that you require. Some of the costs associated with a full funeral service are:

  • Removal and transfer of the deceased to and from the funeral homes
  • Transportation fees for a Hearse
  • Transportation fees for a service car
  • Cash advance items such as death certificates, newspaper notices, cemetery fees and a casket.
  • Usage of the funeral homes for the viewing of the deceased
  • Usage of the facility and staff for the final funeral ceremony

Funeral Fund

When it comes to financing a funeral you can utilize a service that exclusively deals with accumulating a funeral fund to assist those that are in need. is an innovative option that concerned family members can utilize to bring friends and family members together in order to assist them with the process of raising funds for a funeral service along with memorial donations.