Financial Hope for Grieving Families

The death of a loved one is the hardest thing a person has to live through. Affording and paying for a funeral and memorial service to celebrate the life of that loved one is certainly another.

Often, social and religious groups will pull together memorial donations for families in their time of grief to help offset the costs of final expenses but the boundaries of those groups still have limits. Think of the help those grieving families could receive through the power of the Internet.

The thought behind helping offset costs for those who have recently lost a loved one through memorial donations to cover final costs has evolved into a funeral fund with a wider outreach and accepting online donations from caring people all over the world.

As we grow older, we start planning for our final rest, or that of our parents and older relatives, by purchasing life insurance or setting aside funds, giving us time to budget and save for those final costs.

But with a sudden death, the toll on those left behind is far greater, both emotionally and financially - no young couple expects to lose their spouse so soon, and certainly no parent expects to arrange their child's funeral. provides a place for grieving families to share the story of a life with caring people all over the world and make use of crowdfunding for funeral expenses.

With a funeral fund in place, online donations go directly to a WePay or PayPal account for the grieving family to cover expenses like funeral and memorial service costs, final medical bills, money to help the family left behind move ahead with their lives or contributing to a college fund for children left without a parent. Through online donations family, friends, and caring strangers are given the ability to help those who are suffering.

A fund organizer (usually a friend or family member) will go to and set up a 14-day campaign and connect it to the receiving account. Then a photo of the deceased is uploaded and a description of what the money is needed for (and maybe a bit of the life that person lived) is added to the campaign information.

Being able to write about the person they lost, in such a far-reaching way, gives those left behind a small outlet for grief; reading other stories of loss lets those same people know that they are not alone in their grief. So many others have experienced a loss as well, so many others understand the pain, and so many others want to help.

Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is a fairly new concept, but it is by far one of the best reasons I have ever heard of for using the crowdfunding resource. provides a remarkable space in the vastness of the Internet, bringing the world a little closer together.