Crowdfunding for Funerals

The cost of funeral is increasing daily. According to recent estimates, the average cost of a funeral is more than $7000 in the United States, which makes it a substantial burden on the family of the deceased, similarly, UK analysts at Golden Charter estimate that funeral costs in the United Kingdom increased to £3,456 for a basic funeral in 2015. Families worldwide are having difficulty raising the funds needed to put their loved one to rest.

It is true that people often try to save cash for their funerals so that families do not suffer at a critical time. Yet, it is also true that some deaths are so sudden and unexpected that most families are unable to raise funds immediately. Traditionally, families had to manage funeral costs by borrowing from family and friends. Even if adequate funds were raised, it was difficult to repay the loan.

Once, crowdfunding was only limited to raising funds for artists and startups. However, the trend is changing as new crowdfunding websites are emerging helping families raise funds for their loved ones. As such, online donations come directly from people who understand the difficulty of funding a funeral. Fortunately, there are dedicated crowdfunding websites that cater to crowdfunding for funeral expenses. One well known website is Interestingly, the website is the brainchild of its founder who lost his father to Cancer and personally understands the burden that can be placed on the family.

Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is an easy and secure way to raise funds. Organizers of the fundraising event are asked to write an honest and compelling story for their loved ones so that website visitors can get a fair idea of the need. Photos and stories of the deceased add a loving dimension to crowdfunding campaigns and assure credibility.  A WePay or PayPal account is chosen to collect the donations. The account is then linked to the organizers bank account for immediate use.

There is no limit to the funds requested but realistic goals should be set.  To help with campaign promotion, the website offers more than 300 social media channels to assist in spreading the word. To speed up the process, every fundraiser is approved within 24 hours.  Every campaign is given equal opportunity to attract a large number visiting the website. To give everyone a fair chance for promotion, the management allows 14 days for a campaign.  Money is needed quickly to make the arrangements. If campaigners require additional time, the management can extend the fund for another 14 days.

Receiving funds for the memorial donations and related campaigns has never been easier. Without any holding period, anyone can donate to the campaign using his or her credit or debit card. In fact, is also one of the few niche websites that allow international members to participate in memorial donations and funeral funding.