Crowdfunding for Funerals

It's never easy when a loved one or acquaintance passes away. On top of the obvious emotional hardships there is typically an abundance of financial needs as well. Death is usually an unexpected occurrence and so it is difficult to really plan ahead. There is time spent off work in the hospital squeezing in those last heart-wrenching moments caring for that special person, which can add up to, a large loss of wages accompanied by steeping medical bills. After the passing, there comes the funeral arrangements and memorial services with things like burial plots, headstones, and casket or urn. You want them to have something that is just as unique as they were in life but may not have the money required for such a feat. Also there are the surviving family members needs to consider.

Are there any college age students or younger children to think of? Perhaps they will struggle more now without a primary financial provider. Or maybe a spouse will need a financial foundation to begin a career of their own and also a means of survival until they can become stable again after a period of grief.

This is where crowdfunding for funeral expenses introduces a revolutionary new way to connect friends and family members by accepting online donations through sharing on your favorite social media platform. This allows for even the most distant friends and relatives to come together and contribute via a safe and secure funeral fund page that can be set up by anyone. It can be exceedingly difficult to ask for money from anyone at anytime, let alone during the hardest of times like a passing family member. Often relatives don't want to end up giving more or less than their siblings and can even lead to unnecessary feuds.

However, by simply creating a funeral fund for memorial donations or expenses you can add a picture of the loved one and brief summary of their life or what kind of person they were or what the money will be used for and share it with hundreds of friends, family members, and even complete strangers through social media allowing them to come together in your time of need and make compassionate online donations connected to a WePay or PayPal account or just be notified in a unique, personal, and creative way that someone has passed. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is a relatively new concept building off of the success of social media platforms that connects people and allows them to share in ways never before possible all over the world.

With the advent of smart devices and apps it's very simple to quickly and efficiently share and view others news feeds while at home, work, or anywhere in between. This makes things like memorial donations just as simple and easy to access and share. Our campaigns end in 14 days but can also be extended an additional 14 days if necessary. Be sure to visit and allow us to help you make those most difficult times just a little easier.