Crowdfunding for Funeral using Funeral Fund

The number of people turning to crowdfunding for funeral expenses in order to defray funeral and other related costs is growing. The average funeral starts around $7,000. The expense gets even greater, if the deceased person leaves behind a huge debt or if the individual was the family breadwinner. Besides funeral and memorial donations, funeral funds can also be used to cover other death related expenses such as transportation, college fund for children, medical bills and money for the bereaved family. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses sites such as provide an easy to use platform, where anyone can make online donations towards a funeral campaign.

The mission of is to inspire people to come together and assist aggrieved persons. Setting up a Funeral fund campaign is easy; you just need to write a brief description about the deceased person. The organizer then links the account to a verified PayPal or WePay account, which is then linked to a bank account for direct deposit of funds. Once this is done, you need to upload a photo of the deceased and then send out a link to family, friends and the co-workers of the deceased. You can also promote your campaign using text message, email and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or any of the more than 300 social media sites that can be accessed via People residing outside the U.S can also use the site. provides a 14-day active window, where campaigners can raise as much money as they can. If there is a need to extend the campaign period to another 14 days, the campaigner needs to contact the office with the request. For the purposes of building trust and confidence, the organizer of the fundraising campaign cannot remain anonymous. Contributors to the campaign, on the other hand, can choose to reveal their identity or remain anonymous. To prevent fraud, it is very important to make contributions to people you know personally and trust. Contributors to the funeral campaigns must be 18 years or older. The administrators first review every account that is opened before it is submitted. The time it takes to approve an account can be as short as few minutes to 24-hours. operates a fast and friendly customer service desk that can be accessed by email. When it comes to fees, charges 5% administration fees. This is similar to the 2.9%  +$0.30 charge that PayPal and WePay charges per transaction. The minimal amount contributors can make on a campaign is $5.00. Funeral or memorial donations can be made via a valid Debit or Credit card. Once you have made your donations, will send you an email alert. You will also receive a confirmation email from PayPal or WePay at the same time. Funeral fund ensures the safety of all transactions taking place on its online donations platform by allowing all payments to be processed using SSL encryption.