Crowdfunding for Funeral Services: An Innovative Way to Support Grieving Families

After a death, the instinct to reach out and support the grief-stricken is strong. Traditionally, this meant gifts of cards, flowers or food, but today's mourners are increasingly embracing a new option: crowdfunding for funeral services. At Funeral Fund, the only website dedicated solely to raising funds for the costs associated with funerals, we help families through this tough time by providing a simple, secure way to solicit and receive online donations.

While few people like to think about it, death is an inevitable part of life. Nearly 2,597,000 Americans passed away in 2013 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. The majority of those people left the job of arranging and paying for a funeral to their surviving family. An emotionally challenging task, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected, it can also be financially staggering. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost of a funeral has increased exponentially over the last 50 years; today, it stands at just over $7,000.

For many families, this price tag is another blow during an already difficult time. Asking for financial help can be hard, but using our online donation site to collect memorial donations eliminates a great deal of the awkwardness for the deceased's family. It also creates an opportunity many mourners appreciate by offering them a convenient and practical way to both show their sympathy and provide real help to the family by defraying the costs associated with a funeral.

Setting up a campaign page at is easy and free. Organizers simply add a picture, tell visitors a little about the deceased, and mention the intended use of any money raised. Funds can be applied to the cost of the funeral, memorial, cremation or burial. They may also be used to cover transportation costs and medical bills and to provide assistance to the family the deceased left behind. Once the campaign page is established, word can be spread through email and social media. Donations can be as little as $5, and there is no limit on the total amount that can be raised. Funds raised are quickly made available via PayPal or WePay.

At Funeral Fund, we understand that dealing with the death of a loved one is always hard. We work diligently to provide assistance during this difficult time by providing a secure, user-friendly place for memorial donations and crowdfunding for funeral services. Visit to learn more about our services.


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