The cruel hand of death is a process all human beings must go through. The death of a loved one often comes with a prolonged period of grief and pain for the families and loved ones. Moreover, there arise substantial costs and logistics that must be serviced to give the deceased a proper burial. More often, a bereaved family also requires a pool of resources to cover basic costs as they adjust economically to the loss of a productive member of their unit.

What does?

They are a crowdfunding for end of life expenses web site that allows the loved ones of a recently deceased person to raise money for burial expenses. In this era of social media, you are likely to find your friends and acquaintances online most of the time. This platform is a useful tool for soliciting the much-needed money to cover costs.

How they raise funds

They facilitate the organizers of the fund drive to register on their website and create a page for the deceased. The page links to a PayPal or WePay account that also connects to their bank account. It is important for the organizer to reveal details of the deceased. For example, upload a photo of them, tell friends and potential readers what they did, loved, how they lived and how the family wants to remember them?

The family then is able to create publicity for the campaign through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and email. This process can be done by the bereaved family or by friends. never holds your money. Online donations by well wishers go straight to the PayPal or WePay account and then can be transferred directly into the organizers bank. A typical memorial donations campaign lasts for 14 days but may be extended for another 2 weeks if requested. After this period, the campaign is officially closed and no more online donations can be accepted.

Why use a crowdfunding site?

Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is the least laborious way to raise funds for funeral expenses. The donations received can be sent directly to the funeral home or the grieving family. The money that remains after the burial can go to a worthy cause in honor of the deceased. The memorial donations reach the family instantly. Funeral Fund allows the family to mourn and grieve for their loss without the stress of covering final expenses.

Experiences of fundraisers

Thousands of mourners have raised money through crowdfunding. Families and friends have come together in the pooling of resources and comforting one another.

Losing a loved one is not the end of the world but can sometimes make us feel like it is. An efficient support system is a necessity for the bereaved to get through the mourning period. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses comes in handy in solving the headache of funeral expenses.