Affordable Funeral and Memorial Services

Funeral Services and Memorial Services have become very expensive for the few loved ones left behind. Even though a funeral home may try to limit the amount needed.  All the remaining friends or loved ones want is to present a respectful memorial acknowledging that this person lived, contributed to the lives of those who knew him or her, and that they will all remember him or her with love and kindness.  

The Memorial Services or Funeral Services for this member of our lives need not be buried in pomp and circumstance.  The services can be respectful, economical, commemorate the life that was lived and the void those left behind will feel now that the decedent is gone from them.

Traditional burial, cremation or green burial options can all be costly.   Even when trying to minimize the funeral service or memorial service many families have difficulty providing a service that will allow their friends and family members to say goodbye and bid them rest in peace. Cost that cannot be met, especially if there were no insurance proceeds or exceedingly high last medical expenses can be devastating. Due to today's economy, more specific funds are set up to receive Memorial Donations to ease the burden and permit a funeral or memorial in keeping with the person's life and commitments.

In addition to traditional in ground burials, a new form of green burial is being newly approved in some states, wherein the decedent is wrapped in a blanket or cloth and buried directly into the ground of a specifically designated area for nature, where flowers and trees will be allowed to flourish.

Green Cremation is more rapidly gaining acceptance as a form of cremation without flame. Water and chemicals (no acid) are heated to facilitate the two to three hour green cremation turning the body into liquid, any remaining bones pulverized into ash which are then returned to the family.

Green cremation is the ultimate eco friendly way to dispose of our body without harming the globe. Persons who have phobic attitudes regarding flame cremation can find comfort in this procedure, which uses water and natural chemicals to simply speed up the deterioration into a three-hour period, coincidentally the same time of a flame cremation but minus the flames.  

Families now have a means of help. is an online funeral donation site that helps families and friends come together when help is needed the most. Memorial Donations are safe, private and are transferred immediately to the person who is named as the Caregiver for that decedent's individual funeral fund. The funds are then available for use to pay last expenses and other costs on behalf of the deceased.