A Death Can Leave Us Unprepared

Unless we, as humans, are particularly wise, we cannot foresee our end. In this world of ours, an unexpected ending seems to come more often than not. Accidents happen every day, many times to the best of us. With our tendency to look at the future as something to look forward to, we put off those final arrangements so necessary and so, well . . . final.

Thinking about the development of a funeral fund is not the easiest thing to do. First, we must turn our attention from those forces that demand our attention from day to day. Our spouses, or children, our extended families, our friends, all take turns requesting our focus. And we extend that to them because we are human.

There are other times, times when the forces of life take over and we just do not have the financial ability to provide for our final expenses. It is then that we look to others for a final handshake, a final helping hand, and a final goodbye. It used to be that we were alone, whether in strength or in our fragility, we were alone. Today we have access to a new community, a community as wide and vast as the world. That community is called the Internet.

The creators of funeralfund.com have pioneered a method to spread out the expenses at the end of our time. Through online donations crowdfunding for funeral expenses is at last a reality. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a world to let a person go.

A Funeral Fund campaign can be started by anyone, friend or family at funeralfund.com. It is a very simple process that takes hardly any time at all at a time when all your thoughts and minds should be on more important things. All that is needed is to register, set up a PayPal or WePay account that is connected to the organizer’s checking account and you are on your way. Through funeralfund.com, online donations are funneled to the PayPal or WePay account that has been assigned. This is effectively a Crowdfunding for funeral expenses and memorial donations web page.

Post to the site a short but compelling story about the deceased. Is this someone that many know? Is this someone kind, considerate, and unobtrusive? Let people know the personality of the deceased and why funds are needed. Be transparent. Be honest. Ask for the help you need at this stressful time. Using this Crowdfunding for funeral expenses option can alleviate a lot of troubles at a very troubling time.

Each Funeral Fund campaign runs for 14 days with another 14-day extension if needed. It is important that whoever is running the campaign lets everyone, friends, family, and associates, know of their ability to make online donations at funeralfund.com. It does not matter if the funds are needed for funeral expenses or as memorial donations. The funds will reach the right place at the right time.  They can help. Reach out to Funeral Fund.