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[Image: Kenneth "Kenny" Wayne Hannah]

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 Kenny has suffered with pain for almost seven years. He saw many different doctor's and they would attempt different treatments to help with the issue. Finally in December of 2013 it was found that he had a blockage in his aorta. This issue caused him a hardship, he was not able to work so he did not have any means to pay for any type of insurance or save any kind of funds for unforeseen situations in life. Kenny went into the hospital and had surgery on 1/21/2015 to remove the blockage in hopes that he could recover and go back to work and normal everyday activities. But after the surgery there were complications that present themselves and were determined to be terminal. He passed away on  February 6, 2015.

Pages and pages could be typed about Kenny, his life and how wonderful a person he was. However, these words truly could not describe him because his presences was a force that needed to be experienced first-hand.  He meant so much to each person that was fortunate enough to have him in his life. Although his friends family and community had stepped up to assist the cost of a service, the funds still fell short. Any assistances is greatly appreciated.


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Funding closed on Monday Feb 23, 11:59 PM UTC

Funding amount $2,000.00

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