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This story is about my brother Charlie Barger, 57 years old, he passed on November 20, 2014. He had been diagnosed with liver cancer late Aug. at that time the cancer involved 3/4 of his liver and the only thing they could do was some radiation, after mapping and several test the doctors told us that his bilirubin was staying too high and if they put in the radiation it would kill him immediately . He was not a candidate for transplant or resection because it involved more than 3/4 of his liver. They told us 3-6 months, It was very fast and very painful. in November he went to the hospital for bleeding and uncontrollable pain and that night after some more tests the doctors told us 2-3 weeks, 3 at the most and and said there was nothing they could do for him and sent him home with hospice, the bilirubin was at 40 by now, when the nurses come, she said 2-3 days , he passed on the third day.

Now the story gets more interesting, Charlie had no life insurance, we had been trying to get insurance sense the year before but due to his health and then the diagnosis of terminal cancer we couldn't find anyone to even talk to us about life insurance, so just after he got diagnosed we started a fundraiser and but was unable to get much moneys, he passed just after the fundraiser started Then a man named Craig Thompson, said that through KARM they would pay the entire funeral so we closed out the fundraiser and he wrote a check to Wood Haven Funeral Home, 160 Edgemore Rd. Powell TN. 37849 for the entire amount of the funeral, it took a few days but we burried Charlie on Nov. 25, 2014. About 3 weeks after he was buried Diane at the funeral home called and told me the check bounced and she was unable to reach anyone at all that knew anything about the check, at KARM they say they don't even know this person and he refuses to answer their calls, Wood Haven and the people there were so good to us, all the family, that I am trying to raise enough money to pay them,I can not afford to pay this on my own, like so many other people we live from paycheck to paycheck with very little money left over. Please. All donations will be greatly appriciated and may be called in directly to the funeral home, at 865-945-3461 Diane or anyone there will be glad to help you. or can be sent to the weepay on the page, (funeral home address above) This may seen a little harsh but I am just telling the truth about what happened and you may call me Pat at 865-362-5667 with any questions, Again God Bless All and Thank You for any and all help.




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